New Center Stamping leverages the following equipment to produce outstanding quality products for our customers:

Our signature 180" press line

Our signature 180" press line


New Center Stamping features a 180", 2000 draw press line with rapid die change capability in addition to two other press lines ranging in size from 118" to 180" and 600 ton to 1600 ton, respectively. Our stamping presses can handle various types of jobs including double action (toggle), air and nitro.


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DC Weld system and traceability

New Center Stamping utilizes a DC weld gun gantry system to perform pre and post hem welds, that along with our hemming capability can facilitate one-piece flow manufacturing processes.


HEmming Capability

New Center Stamping is able to handle all hemming needs on hydraulic, tabletop and roller hemming stations.


Die & Rack Storage

With 20+ acres of manufacturing and storage space, we are able to facilitate the storage of dies and racks for over 500 different part offloads.