Creating Tolerances That Exceed Customers’ Specifications

Precise part stamping begins with tooling review and adaptations. New Center utilizes the most advanced CAD/CAM engineering technology to fabricate tools that ensure each punch and bend maintains proper clearance resulting in optimal part quality.

Two workers in front of a larger Hamilton stamping machine load a curved sheet of silver metal into the machine

Our A & B press line can run doors, hoods, fenders, decklids, (& more!) and all supporting components.

A 600 – 1,600 84 X 156
B 800/400 – 1,000 84 X 168
C 1,000 – 2,000 96 X 180
J & K 500 80 X 120

Ranging from 500 tons to 2,000 tons, New Center Stamping has a variety of machinery.

  • ABB press to press Automation with QDC – Atlas Die Carts
  • Rapid die change capability
  • Progressive and blanking coil feeding deep
  • Draws, Air and Nitrogen
  • Double-Action (toggle)