Our Team

New Center Stamping prides itself on being a premier employer of manufacturing and skilled trade workers in Detroit where over 70% of our employees reside.

Putting People First

At New Center Stamping, everything starts and ends with our people, an experienced, talented, creative, and highly motivated Detroit workforce whose average term of employment is a remarkable eight years. They are the reason for our success. They have helped us develop and foster a culture built on respect, communication, and a shared vision.

For our company to grow, we understand the importance of our people growing professionally and personally. We work together to establish a positive work environment in which everyone achieves their full potential.

Two workers in PPE including face masks, ear plugs, safety glasses and gloves working on a welding machine with sparks flying to the right

Whether on the plant floor or in the front office, the performance of every employee contributes to achieving our goals by utilizing their exceptional skills to get the job done, whether meeting deadlines, solving challenges, making sales, or exceeding customer expectations.

We hire and promote quality, high-performing individuals who carry on a legacy formed over many generations here in Detroit.

Executive Team

Headshot of Tom Aepelbacher

Tom Aepelbacher
President and COO

Headshot of Roger Townsend

Laura Pecoraro
Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Laura Pecoraro

Robert Gough
Director of Engineering and Account Management

Headshot of David Tallieu

Danielle Reeves
HR Manager

Headshot of David Tallieu

Andrew Hauser
Production Manager

Headshot of Robert Gough

Darryl Vitale
Quality Manager

Operating Team

Headshot of Tolaria Johnson

Tolaria Johnson

Headshot of James Brown

James Brown
Continuous Improvement and Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

Headshot of Joshua Biscorner

Joshua Biscorner
Warehouse Manager